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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Embrace the Journey

As a Weight Watchers meeting Leader, I am constantly learning from my members. You would probably think, "Aren't you the Leader? Shouldn't you be leading them??" Well, yes, and I do. However, from time to time there are things that are said in the meeting room that touch me and inspire me so much. This past Saturday was one of those times. I have a Facebook group that I started for all of the members who attend my meetings. This gives them a place to inspire, motivate and encourage each other in between meetings. I lead 12 meetings a week all over the metro Atlanta area. There are over 70 members who actively post in this group. Most of them have never even met each other. I am always so touched to see how they inspire one another. I would like to share the post by my member, Kimberly, who truly inspires me and said the most profound thing this past Saturday:

I wanted to share something here with y'all. I did share this thought with my WW class with encouragement from our wonderful leader, Renee. I hope it will make you think about your own weight loss journey.
Last week I received my 50 pound loss. I mentioned to my husband later that night about a bracelet I had seen that I wanted as a reward for that milestone. We jumped into the car and raced over to the nearest Brighton store and purchased my "reward."
The reason why this bracelet is so special to me is because it has the words, " Enjoy the Journey" written on it. I had remembered how Renee is stressing the fact that losing weight is a weight loss journey. So, I began to think about what that phrase, "Enjoy the Journey" means to me.
Sometimes during our journey we have good weigh-ins & g
ood weeks and of course, those bad moments we would rather forget. Having this bracelet has reminded me that I have come far from where I once was 50 pounds ago. I can feel confident going into stores, a ring fits much better, eating in a restaurant, an old pair of jeans fit me again or even stepping out of that box we may put ourselves in and getting a fresh new haircut. This bracelet with that wonderful phrase reminds me to look at the good things I have completed and pay attention to the positive changes I have applied to my life. So, even though we have those weak moments...don't let those take you so far down you can't pick yourself up....and lose track of why you began WW in the first place. Just take a moment to, "Enjoy YOUR Journey!"
Thank you so much, Kimberly for sharing this. I truly believe that this message will inspire so many. 
If you are a Weight Watcher member and would like to join our Facebook Group, just search "Beyond the WW Flipchart" on Facebook and request to join the group.  

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