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You have just opened the pages of my "Skinny Chick" diary. You will read the words of wisdom from my (and your) inner "Skinny Chick". You may be surprised at what you read. This diary recounts my journey as my "inner" Skinny Chick meets my new "outer" skinny chick. How does this transformation actually happen? Read and you will find out how listening to your inner "Skinny Chick" can transform you too.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Skinny Chick

I feel like it has been forever since I have been able to actually write in my "Skinny Chick" diary. I have really missed it. I have been extremely busy lately. I have to admit that, while I do not like neglecting my blog and missing out on the therapy it provides me, I am really excited about how my life is changing from day to day.

As some of you may know, my day is mostly comprised of leading Weight Watchers meetings. I now have 4 of my own meetings that I lead. Two of them are At Work meetings (where I bring Weight Watchers to businesses and facilitate meetings over lunch) and two of them are traditional meetings in a Weight Watchers center. I also am a receptionist for two meetings. That is six meetings a week. I also sub for other leaders at least once a week, sometimes more.

I am loving how busy I am and I am so PROUD of all of my members. One of the meetings I lead is at an elementary school and there are 20 people who attend this meeting. This week, they are going into their 3rd week on the plan. After 2 weeks they have lost a total of over 100 POUNDS!! I am SO PROUD of them!

The meetings that I lead at the Weight Watchers centers have been successful as well. I have been able to grow those meetings from under 20 attendees to over 40 attendees per week and still GROWING! There are LOTS of "BELIEVERS" in metro Atlanta! Atlanta, let's show the rest of the country how to get HEALTHY!

Here are some pics of me in action at a Weight Watchers center:


I have also been blessed to work with my church, Gwinnett Church, assisting in our UpStreet environment (elementary school ministry). This has been an AWESOME experience. Gwinnett Church is a new campus of North Point Ministries that just launched this past October. It is amazing to do God's work and be there to help from the ground up. Here is a picture of my husband and I at Gwinnett Church's first ever GroupLink event.

My husband and I are leading a married couples small group. Our first meeting is this coming Tuesday! We are so excited! 

So, as you can see, 2012 is getting off to a great start! I LOVE serving others and giving back what the Lord has blessed me with. I feel that it is my responsibility to pour the knowledge that I have been given into others so that they may "pay it forward" in the same manner. 

Make 2012 count! Be an inspiration and ask yourself, "When was the last time I made a difference in someone's life?"


  1. Glad to be a part of the action. Keeping busy and serving others is a great way to use your time and energy. So proud of the job you're doing. Keep it up love!

  2. I enjoyed seeing what a "typical" day is like for you (ok, I know that a truly typical day probably doesn't exist.) The last line of your blog reminded me of a song by one of my favorite artists, Paul Thorn. It's called "What Have You Done To Lift Somebody Up?" Good stuff with a great message, and well worth a listen if you've never heard it.

  3. I read your story in the AJC. Congratulations and I wish you continued success on every positive thing you do. I thank you for sharing your story and inspiring others. Maybe one day you will become a certified fitness instructor (hint hint). God bless. Kim B.