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You have just opened the pages of my "Skinny Chick" diary. You will read the words of wisdom from my (and your) inner "Skinny Chick". You may be surprised at what you read. This diary recounts my journey as my "inner" Skinny Chick meets my new "outer" skinny chick. How does this transformation actually happen? Read and you will find out how listening to your inner "Skinny Chick" can transform you too.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year, New Me!

As I was posting before and after pictures that were submitted to me from "Notes from a Skinny Chick" followers, it dawned on me to go back through some photos of mine. My Inner Skinny Chick says: During your weight-loss journey, you should keep old pictures of yourself at your starting weight and current pictures of yourself around. Look at the old pictures whenever you feel discouraged and compare them to your current pictures. This will help you see "the big picture" and keep your weight-loss in perspective.

Here are some New Year's Eve pictures of me:
New Year's Eve 2009
I am in the front, on the far right.

New Year's Eve 2011 (A couple weeks ago)
Looking at these pictures definitely helps me keep my weight-loss in perspective. I love the new me! I love the way I look, but most importantly, I love the way feel! I am HEALTHY!!!


  1. OMG! You look great! I saw your weight loss story on AJC.COM today and am so happy that they included a reference to your blog. I can't wait to go home and read the previous entries. I could really use some motivation right about now!

  2. You do look great! Congrats on the weight loss! I hear such good things about WW.

  3. You look great, thanks for posting these pictures. I love to read about WW success stories, it always inspires me.