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Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Little of This and a Little of That

As I was reading my current issue of Weight Watchers magazine this morning, there we so many interesting facts that I found really fascinating and helpful. I thought to myself, "Why not share these things?" So here they are:

Weighing Out Your Food Options
Here are some of our favorite foods and how much they weigh in relation to their PointsPlus values for Weight Watchers:

1 Medium Chocolate Chip Cookie- 10g-  1 PointsPlus
3 Cups Popcorn (Air-Popped)- 24g- 2 PointsPlus 
2oz Roast Beef- 56g- 2 PointsPlus
1/2 Cup Ice Cream- 68g- 4 PointsPlus
1 Cup Cooked Pasta- 140g- 5 PointsPlus
1 Thin-Crust Pizza Slice (1 Topping)- 78g- 5 PointsPlus
1 Small Bagel- 65g- 6 PointsPlus 

The Skinny on Omega-3 Fatty Acids 
-Great for your heart
-Helps with depression
-Helps with inflammation of joints

You should eat at least 2g of Omega-3s a day. Here are some great sources:

Flax seeds- 3/4 cup- 7g of Omega-3's
Atlantic mackerel- 4oz- 3g of Omega-3's
Walnuts- 1/4 cup- 2g of Omega-3's
Salmon- 4oz- 2g of Omega-3's
Soybeans, cooked- 1 cup- 1g of Omega-3's 

Skinny Chick Note: If you are going to eat fish to fulfill your serving of Omega-3's, remember don't fry it. Frying eliminates all the health benefits that fish offers.

Ponder This:
3 in 10 people who'd been told by doctors that they were overweight or obese still DIDN'T see their weight as a health issue. (Source: University of Florida, Gainesville) We need to do better and make our HEALTH our first priority!

Can You Sum Up Your Weight-Loss Journey in Six Words?

Weight Watchers magazine has examples of six words that can describe your weight-loss journey. Here are 3 of the the phrases they had:

-Ate too much. Changed my ways. 
-Love food. Love life much more.
-Been every size. Insides never change. 

Here's mine:
Inner Skinny finally meets Outer Skinny. 

What are the six words that describe your weight-loss journey?? Post them in comments and share with the world! 

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